Velibor Vidic talks about his plans to commemorate Dr Elsie Inglis in Serbia.


Dear Alan,

We organized all the cites where the Swh hospitals were and everyone wants to have you as their guest. In every town there will be an organized program with exhibits, talks, art programs, lectures and spending time with the locals. The exhibitions and lectures will be dedicated to Elsie Inglis and members of the SWH. In certain places some ambassadors will be present as well.  The ministry of culture of republic Serbia will also be included in the program, and other ministries and associations also helped. This is a great event for Serbia and the Serbian people. They remember with great gratitude the undertakings of Scottish women. On that occasion we will print books and start building a monument of humanity and gratitude in Valjevo. All the SWH names of those who helped the Serbian people during the great war will be written on it.

My job wasn’t hard. Everyone gladly agreed to participate in the organization. I’m happy, Alan, that you and me reunited our two people. Now we’re already working on funding the serbian-scottish associations in several cities. On that occasion, there will be some restaurants opened up, with a Scottish flag hanging, where Scottish visitors will be able to eat for free. We want to make every Scot that comes to Serbia feel like home. Thanks to Elsie Inglis, all Serbs think highly of the Scottish people. That is why the whole program will take the name “Elsie Inglis – Serbian mother from Scotland”.

We will continue to mark the humanity and heroism of SWH every year. We hope that personal friendships will be made as well, and that we will start cooperating with organizations and institutions.

Long live Scotland !