Troyes plans for reenactment of Hospital

Letter from Francis Tailleur,  from May till October, 1915 was installed(settled) on the site of the domain of Chanteloup, to Sainte-Savine, in the suburb of Troyes (France) a military hospital under tents, managed by Women’s Scottish Hospitals.
About hundred years later, on the same site, is implanted l’Institut Chanteloup, the school which welcomes and schools children persons with motor or sensory disability.
The community of the Institute (children, parents and professionals) has the project to make known the history(story) little known by the “Hôpital auxiliaire bénévole 301”, to commemorate its centenarian(centenary) and to pay tribute to the volunteers of the SWH.
Our project is above all educational. It aims at making sensitive the pupils in the history of the World War I.
Our project plans in particular “to reconstitute” partially the hospital and to propose an exhibition(exposure) which will take place in May, 2015 ( one week). The pupils of the Institute will be involved strongly in the preparation of the exhibition(exposure).
Here are the first ideas:
Portal Chanteloup in 1915…
(Australian War Museum) …and as it might be in 2015
It is imagined to recreate certain parts(parties) of the hospital:
The operating room A tent, accommodating wounded persons. The office(desk) of the administrator The tent cooks tent. The detached house(flag) of the X-rays Expose(Explain) an ambulance

We also imagine to present documents, photos, objects of the Great War in the big showroom of Institut Chanteloup.
Our friend, Alan Cumming brings us for several weeks his very precious help and became one of the main partners of the project. We thank him warmly.
We would be delighted and honored that Alan is the main speaker of the conference whom we shall organize in May, 2015.
We are in search of all the documents (texts, photos) which will help us in the success of our project.
We thank beforehand all those who among you can help us.  Francis TAILLEUR
Institut Chanteloup