The National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.

Only six months after her death, the Serbian Government presented a Bronze Bust of Elsie Inglis to the Scottish Nation at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. The Bust has now been on display for some time in The National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.


It is a thought provoking piece and although I’ve seen it many times, it always has an impact on me. Standing at 66.00 cm and located in the main hall it is beautifully crafted and portrays Elsie deep in thought and contemplating her subject.

The bust was crafted by distinguished sculptor and architect Ivan Mestrovic whose works include “Victor” in Belgrade, “The Bowman and the Spearman” in Chicago and “The Well of Life” in Zagreb and his art has been compared to that of Michelangelo and Rodin . Today his other works are exhibited in renowned European and American museums and galleries including the Vatican.

      In the photograph we can see Prince George of Serbia  presenting the Bust to Robert Munro, the Secretary for Scotland. 

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 Also in the photograph is Ivan Mestrovic ( left hand side)

 The Glasgow City Archives in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow host a number of newspaper cuttings from the proceedings.