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Scottish Women’s Hospitals during the Great War

Scottish Women’s Hospitals during the Great War


Presented by Alan Cumming.


Who is this for? – Adults
Dates: Mon 21 November 2016
Cost: Free

When war broke out in August 1914, people gathered to do what they could to support the war effort. While men volunteered for the armed forces, women were eager to assist in other ways. The Scottish Women’s Hospitals were set up with two very specific aims: firstly, to help the war effort by providing medical assistance and secondly, and equally importantly, to promote the cause of women’s rights and by their involvement in the war, help win those rights.

Their original idea under the leadership of Dr Elsie Inglis was to establish a hospital in Edinburgh to treat war wounded but this was quickly abandoned in favour of establishing hospitals in the field and close to the fighting to treat the injured. Ultimately, there were hospitals established in France, Macedonia, Greece, Corsica, Romania and Russia, but the majority of their work was in Serbia.

Landscape Gardener from Cumbernauld and amateur historian Alan Cumming became fascinated by the story of these women after a chance visit to Serbia, and has featured in the television documentaries and various radio productions both in Scotland and in Serbia. In this special event,  he will introduce his film about his own journeys to Serbia, France and around Scotland to research the role of Scottish Women’s Hospitals during World War One.

Free, but advance booking required. To book please contact the Museum of Edinburgh on 0131 529 4143.