Elsie Inglis House Belgrade

Last March the British Residence in Belgrade was fittingly named after Dr Elsie Inglis by Ambassador Keefe. s1100089
Ambassador Keefe said that day, “Elsie Inglis was one of the first women in Scotland who had finished high education and was a pioneer of medicine. She fought energetically against prejudice, for social and political emancipation of women in Britain. She was also a tireless volunteer, courageous organiser of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals and a dedicated humanitarian. Unfortunately Elsie Inglis didn’t live long enough to see the triumph of some of her ideas, but she has had a tremendous influence on social trends in our country. In Scotland she became a doctor, in Serbia she became a saint.”


Needless to say, that when i received an invitation to attend Elsie Inglis house and meet with Ambassador Keefe i was delighted. The plaque is mounted at the front door and the corridor is decorated with photos, paintings and letters of not just Elsie but of various women doctors that served in Serbia during WW1. Its impressive and is a very fitting tribute to an incredible lady. Ambassador Keefe was most helpful and completely supportive of the plans to bring Elsie’s relatives over to Serbia next September. We agreed that a visit to Elsie Inglis House during that time would be ideal.