Inverness Museum & Art Gallery Feedback

Hi Alan

We were delighted to host you and to witness the tremendous interest that your talk and film showing generated – as evidenced by the number of bookings for this event.

 Public interest in world War One is very obvious as we move through the centenary commemorative period.  As we have explored our collections we have been very taken by some of the less visible characters and stories represented by the objects collected from that period.  Not least important of these is the role of the many people who undertook voluntary and ancillary service in order to support those in active service.  Women, often less celebrated for their contributions at times of conflict and peace-making, were, we have discovered, essential.

 And this is what your painstaking and thorough research illuminates.  Not only have you brought back to us the stories of women who are under-researched and little known about in their home counties, but also your lively presentation and enthusiasm brings our hearts and minds out to areas of the conflict that are also too often forgotten.

 Thank you so much for all you are doing to augment our understanding of the Great War and the personalities involved and also for taking the time to present these stories in such an engaging and informative media.

 With every best wish,


 Cait McCullagh FSA Scot

Curator (Collections Engagement)

High Life Highland

Inverness Museum & Art Gallery

Castle Wynd