In Honour of Dr Elise Inglis-Poem by H D Rawnsley

In Honour of Dr Elise Inglis

( November 1917)  

By H D Rawnsley


At Mladenovac still the fountain sings

 Raised by the Serbs to you their angel friend,

 Who fought the hunger-typhus  to its end;

A nobler fountain from your memory springs,

 – Faith in the powers of womanhood to bend 

Wars curse to blessing ,and to make amend

By love, for Hate unutterable things. 


Wherefore,when cannon-voices cease to roar,

A louder voice shall echo in our ears 

– Voice of three peoples joined in one accord,

Telling that,gentle to your brave hearts core,

You faced unwavering all that woman fears,

And Clear of vision followed Christ the Lord.