Hospices of Hope-Belgrade


In October, I am back in Serbia to not only help promote the story of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals but also to begin organizing plans for the centenary year of Elsie Inglis death in 2017.  Graeme Keith, who has accompanied me before, will again be on hand to film and produce photos of some of the scheduled  meetings etc. Thank you Graeme, a huge amount of this project would not have come to fruition  without your endeavours. Its not lost on me the amount of time and effort you have put in.

Recently, i was contacted by Hospices of Hope, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of the terminally ill in south-east Europe by offering specialist (palliative) care services and education in their country partners in Romania, Serbia and Moldova.

Belgrade is one of the only capitals in Europe that currently has no specialist in-patient hospice facility, resulting in needless suffering for those affected by a terminal illness such as cancer. UK charity, Hospices of Hope, the leading hospice development charity in the region, is working with its Serbian partner BELhospice to change this situation. A property has been secured that will be transformed into a 12 bed hospice with associated day-care and home-care facilities.

Since 2005 Hospices of Hope have been partnering BELhospice founded in Belgrade by eminent cancer specialist Dr Natasa Milicevic through a donation made by a London Trust which enabled the purchase of a small training centre in Belgrade for BELhospice together with a base for a home-care team and an outpatient clinic.

 While there are several palliative care units within State hospitals around Serbia, they are unable to provide multi-disciplinary holistic care. BELhospice hopes to change all that and become a future Centre of Excellence for the whole country.

We are now planning to visit the Hospice in Belgrade in October. Surprisingly i have been asked to help promote this fantastic venture. So please take a look at the links and read more on this vital facility.

It is because of the medical link between the work of the Scottish Women’s Hospital in the last century and the work of BELhospice in the 21st century that i feel its important for me to support such a project.   An event is planned at Warren House, home of Lady Paget who established the first field hospital in Serbia to raise funds for the first inpatient unit in Belgrade.  To find out more or support the event please click on the link :