Exhibition in Chanteloup

Many thanks to Francis Tailleur who dedicated so much time , researched and organised a fantastic event in Troyes, France. The exhibition remembered and shows  the world that France has not forgotten the brave work carried out by the hospital unit in 1915.
For more details visit their blog on the story of the SWH in Troyes, France during 1915. http://chanteloup-centenaire1915-2015.over-blog.com

A hundred years ago, on the Domaine de Chanteloup, in Sainte-Savine, near Troyes (France) had settled one of the units of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals: the Girton and Newnham unit.

The hospital ran from the 9th of June to the 5th of October, 1915.

One hundred years later, on this site is installed l’Institut Chanteloup, an institute for disabled children.

L’Institut organizes la Semaine du Centenaire (the week of the Centenary), from the 6th to the 11th of June 2015 to bring light on this very badly known storyl’hopital des Dames écossaises.

An exhibition offers to the visitors a partial reconstruction of the hospital: a tent for the wounded or sick soldiers, the operating room, Mrs. Harley office (manager), tents for staff, X-ray Hotel…

The 65 photographs taken in 1915 in Chanteloup are all exposed.

The work realized by the pupils of l’Institut is also presented.

The mayor of Ste Savine gave the following name to a path through the park of Chanteloup : allée des dames écossaises.

More than 1000 people have visited the exhibition, which received the prestigious label of Centenarian 14 18.

Francis Tailleur