Elsie Inglis-The Film

There were of course so many highlights from last weeks commemorations. But i am thrilled that a long time development looks close to fruition. A few years ago Frank McEntaggart contacted me about writing a script for a feature film on Elsie Inglis.
Roll on a few years and Frank got back in contact and sent me the script, which i loved instantly. Its powerful, historically accurate and packed with drama. I love it.
On Wednesday I met with Frank and Rena Farkas of Burning Horseshoe productions. Rena has taken on the roll of producer and I was very impressed with her plans for the film. It’s astonishing that a feature film on Elsie’s life has never been attempted before. I am delighted to be assisting them with the promotional work and also advising on the various historical aspects to the story.

The Lady with the Torch – Elsie Inglis’s war
https://www.facebook.com/SWHElsieInglis/… Exciting times ahead.

Alan Cumming