Elsie Inglis feature film update

Elsie Inglis and the Scottish Women’s Hospitals are captivating. Writers Chris Pantazides and Frank McEntaggart contacted me with a provisional script idea more than half a year ago, and I found the story fascinating. Couldn’t believe there wasn’t any feature film on Elsie, who had been such a charismatic character in Scottish history. Chris and Frank put a lot of effort in their research, they did an excellent job and I certainly could share their passion on Elsie Inglis. We just had to find the right people to support us, which did take a while. I’m happy to announce that Kamran Qureshi – director of Evergreen Media Europe Ltd – and his wife, Iram, who have a successful track record in directing documentaries and TV-series, have come on board as director and consultant. After contacting several professionals, Mili Cumic, Director of Sales and Digital Cinema from Genlock Films – with over 35 years of industry experience, has expressed a keen interest in the project, and offered support with the whole process. Thanks to historian Alan Cumming and other industry professionals, we have started raising interest among audiences in the UK and Serbia. I am confident this project will be a great success, and the script provides a unique perspective on the role of women in war.’

Rena Farkas