Dunoon & Cowal Heritage Society


I am writing on behalf of Dunoon & Cowal Heritage Society to state how much we all enjoyed your presentation and talk on the Scottish Women’s Hospitals during WW1.  This subject was unknown until you brought to our attention the fact that there were at least 3 local persons who volunteered to become Nurses in Serbia and other theatres of War.
It is rare for the members to sit so quiet until you asked for questions!   The DVD was excellent in that you allowed the various archivists, local people in Serbia and other parts of Europe, to communicate the many aspects of your journey to portray the work of these pioneering, brave ladies. It is humbling to realise how much the people of Serbia are grateful for their work in tending to the soldiers and local people and that 100 years later, they still remember.
The Society would have no hesitation in supporting your aim for Scottish Women’s Hospital to become better known in this country.
Margaret McVicar, Treasurer, Dunoon & Cowal Heritage Society
3rd October, 2014