Castle House Museum Dunoon

We were absolutely delighted to look into the women that served in the SWH that may have come from Dunoon.  Our enquiries  this far have discovered four women all living in the area.   Subject to finding out more information on these women it’s hoped that next year there will be enough information for an exhibition at the Castle House Museum.  In the meantime here is a list of the women and if anyone has any information on any of the women please let us know.

Dorothea Jessie Balmain( Mrs kent), we have her living at Fountain Villa, Hunter st, Kirn.  served with the SWH at Royaumont Abbey outside Paris, between November 1916-May 1917. 
Isobel Dorothy Banks, we have her living at Redhill Dunnon, joined the SWH in June 1917 – november 1917 and worked there as a chauffeur( ambulance driver) we have found a really good photo of her working at Royaumont. 
Helen Douglas Clarke, living at Kilhaws Toward, joined the SWH in july 1917- july 1918. Helen worked as a clerk at the hospital.
Margaret Berry, living at Englamere, Dunoon, served as a nurse with the SWH from april 1915-november 1915 in Valjevo in Serbia, Her CMO at that was Dr Alice Hutchison. Margaret went on the Serbian Retreat with a number of other women from the SWH.