Canadian exhibition- The Women Who Went to War


The Serbian Heritage Museum in Windsor, Ontario, Canada is planning an exhibit on the women who played an integral part in the Great War in Serbia.  Our exhibit, The Women Who Went to War, a Time for Recognition  – Heroines of the Great War in Serbia, is scheduled to open on June 8, 2017.

The amazing women of the Scottish Women’s Hospital (SWH) played a major role in Serbia during World War I.  Our committee is very grateful to Mr. Alan Cumming for providing us with important information and documentation regarding the staff of SWH.  His extensive knowledge of this topic has inspired our exhibit. 

Alan Cumming’s many travels to Serbia culminated in a wonderful documentary about the SWH which introduced us to people like Dr. Elsie Inglis and numerous others. These women had the courage to come and help the people of Serbia during this crisis.  Many Serbo-Canadians were not even aware of this history and the profound role of SWH.  Thank you Alan for enlightening us!

We hope to bring together both the Scottish-Canadian and Serbo-Canadian communities with this upcoming exhibit as we honour the brave women in Serbia during the Great War.

Its hoped that Alan might find the time to attend the exhibition. 

Cathy Diklich