Audio/Video Presentation

As part of our commitment to ensure people of all ages have the opportunity to learn more about the work of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals during WW1, we have produced a DVD which tells the story of the SWH during the war years. We have now completed a number of these events. So far the presentation has went well at Dunoon, Hamilton and Rutherglen and more to come in the following weeks.  The DVD follows the story from its beginning in Edinburgh to the hospitals in France and Serbia and includes footage of where the hospitals were, interviews with local historians, and our visits to  the monuments and graves that are dedicated to these brave women. The film also follows my journey, explaining where the research takes place and the people who have helped me along the way. It follows not only the work the hospitals did overseas but individual accounts of the lives of people such as Elsie Ingis. This largely forgotten piece of history we hope to bring back to life. For more details on the presentation and how we can arrange an evening to come along to your venue. Please call Alan on 07961330195.