Postcards from the Brunclair collection

This is one of the postcards from the Brunclair collection dedicated to the Scottish Women’s Hospital of Chanteloup.

On the front : the medal ceremony. General de Torcy gives the soldier Camille Guntzburger the Croix de Guerre, for an act of bravery. On the left of the photo we recognize Laura Sandeman, Katherine Harley and Jean Patton Gordon.

And on the back the very moving text that a wounded soldier writes to his son:


"29 août 1915
Mon Polo
[Polo is the emotional nickname given to the child named Paul]

Voici une nouvelle vue. J’y suis. Cherche-moi.

Ton père qui t’embrasse”.

August 29, 1915

My Polo

Here is a new view. I am here. Look for me.

Your father who is kissing you.