In Honour of Dr Elise Inglis-Poem by H D Rawnsley

In Honour of Dr Elise Inglis

( November 1917)  

By H D Rawnsley


At Mladenovac still the fountain sings

 Raised by the Serbs to you their angel friend,

 Who fought the hunger-typhus  to its end;

A nobler fountain from your memory springs,

 – Faith in the powers of womanhood to bend 

Wars curse to blessing ,and to make amend

By love, for Hate unutterable things. 


Wherefore,when cannon-voices cease to roar,

A louder voice shall echo in our ears 

– Voice of three peoples joined in one accord,

Telling that,gentle to your brave hearts core,

You faced unwavering all that woman fears,

And Clear of vision followed Christ the Lord. 

Women who went to war in Serbia- A time for recognition


All the best to the Serbian Heritage Museum in Windsor, Canada.  
Tonight is the grand opening of the exhibition ” Women who went to war in Serbia- A time for recognition”   
The exhibition remembers the courage and devotion shown by so many women who went to the aid of Serbia during WW1. 

I was really pleased I could help with the exhibition and wish all those involved every success.  It’s great to see so many Scottish women included in the exhibition,  just a shame I could not be there.  
All the best. 
For more information see the link below.
And please watch the thought provoking video that  promotes  the event. 


Scottish Parliament plans to Commemorate Dr Elsie Inglis

Elsie Inglis - Women who went to war
Dr Elsie Inglis

 Plans to Commemorate the life of Dr Elsie Inglis in Edinburgh this coming November  are progressing well and are at an advanced stage.   

November 2017 will mark  the passing of 100 years since Elsie Inglis died. 

 I am delighted to be on the parliaments committee and thrilled that the Scottish Government have included the work of Dr Elsie Inglis as part of their overall WW1 commemorations. 

 Plans are afoot to invite a number of guest speakers who will hold talks/lectures and presentations on the life and works of Dr Elsie Inglis. These will take place during the Parliaments key events which begin at the Dean Cemetery on Sunday the 26th of November. 

 On Wednesday the 29th of November there will be a large service at St Giles Cathedral  followed by a City Chambers Reception. 

 With the relatives visit to Serbia taking place in September, the huge plans the Serbs have to commemorate her in her adopted land and, with a number of large and small exhibitions taking place all over the world,  it’s encouraging to see Elsie being elevated to her rightful  place in history. 



Alan Cumming