Commemoration plans for Elsie Inglis in Serbia

Next years plans to commemorate Dr Elsie Inglis in Serbia is now at an advanced stage.   To mark the 100 years of the death of Elsie Inglis,  I was keen to involve her relatives.  With relatives eager to visit the locations in Serbia, where Elsie either worked or was connected to, and Serbian plans to commemorate her memory by building fountains and plaques,  it seems like an appropriate way in which to honour Elsie’s memory and sacrifice to her adopted nation during WW1.  Last week I returned to Serbia to see what progress was being made and help promote this project.  


Velibor Vidic (in the photo at the top left),  is the head archivist at Valjevo Hospital and is the primary mover and shaker behind these plans. His devotion to  ensuring this venture is a success and endless planning is inspiring.  Velibor organised a huge amount of meetings in various Serbian cities and towns. Together we met with city mayors, politicians,  historians and the media. Now, not only will there be fountains or plaques erected in some of these locations but also a series of exhibitions and presentations will be rolled out all over Serbia for this occasion.  Formal and informal meetings and dinners are also included to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to meet each other.  The selected locations include Belgrade, Valjevo, Mladenovac, Lazarevac, Kragujevac, Nis, Vranje and krusevac.   We now have very clear objectives and will work together with all parties to make this not only a commemoration but a celebration of Elsie’s war years in Serbia.