North Tolsta Historical Society

We recently introduced ourselves to the North Tolsta Historical Society. Our research at the Mitchell Library had uncovered a nurse Jane Campbell of Tolsta near Stornoway  on The Isle Of Lewis.  We were delighted when the group were able to confirm that Jane had lived at Tolsta.

Jane’s story has now been updated to our women’s A-Z and the North Tolsta Historical Society plan to use the information as part of their  own programme  for next years ww1 centenary.

The Mitchell Library

The  archive department at Glasgow’s Mitchell Library accommodates a vast amount of photos, personal files and accounts on the Scottish Women s Hospitals. The group has spent many hours examining the documents inside the various boxes and folders. There is still plenty more to sieve through but so far the research has been invaluable and fruitful.

Also,  many thanks to the staff at the Mitchell Library   who have been extremely  helpful.