Valjevo visit November 2016

Valjevo, is one of the city’s in Serbia that will have a fountain built and hold an exhibition for next years commemoration.


 Valjevo is located  80 miles south of Belgrade and during the  winter of 1915 went through its own personal hell. Thousands of its citizens and thousands of soldiers had perished in the typhus epidemic  that destroyed huge parts of Serbia and in particular Valjevo.  The city had itself been turned into one large field hospital and many, many men lay wounded and untreated due to the deaths of the Serb Doctors and nurses.  Dr Elsie Inglis ensured the city received a Scottish Women’s Hospitals unit to firstly aid with the suffering and secondly to provide a blocking hospital for the winter to come.  Under the command of Dr Alice Hutchinson the unit worked around the clock, nursing the wounded soldiers and helping to contain the typhus epidemic.  The unit that served in Valjevo are fondly remembered.  And I was delighted to do an interview for the local TV channel.    

snapshot5 Velibor Vidic has done a vast amount of research and has already held an impressive exhibition in the city’s hospital.  I have known Velibor for a few years now, firstly when he contributed to the film “The Women That Went To War” and last year when he invited me to Valjevo’s international conference. He is a wonderful ambassador for his country and a dear friend.